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Delorbis is committed to providing uncompromised quality medicines at affordable prices, meeting the needs of every patient, doctor, and healthcare organization around the world. Our branded generics can be applied to a wide range of conditions, including more than 100 molecules available to our partners globally. Find out more about Delorbis products through our comprehensive Product Database. For Delorbis’ pipeline, please contact us directly through our Enquiry Form.



Brand Name Generic Name Type Strength Therapeutic Category
GLAROST Bimatoprost Eye drops 0.3mg/ml OPHTHALMOLOGY
EDECOL Brimonidine Solution 2mg/ml OPHTHALMOLOGY
ZORMID Dorzolamide (HCl) Eye drops 2% OPHTHALMOLOGY
GISOLOM Latanoprost Eye drops 0.05mg/ml OPHTHALMOLOGY
GISOLOM PLUS Latanoprost/Timolol (Maleate) Eye drops 0.05mg/ml/5mg/ml OPHTHALMOLOGY


Our Brands

  • Parcoten
  • Clomentin
  • Flucozal
  • Floxaval
  • Zobral
  • Doxat
  • Viprolox
  • Zolaram
  • Reprat
  • Dareq
  • Naporex
  • Narox
  • Tripan

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