At Delorbis is not about us. It’s about YOU. Because we care…



Our History

Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Ltd as a leading branded generic pharmaceutical company, offers a broad portfolio of more than 100 pharmaceutical products. At DELORBIS, we are dedicated to offer a balanced portfolio of EU-approved branded generics in accordance to local therapeutic needs.

We are proud of expanding our activities in more than 35 markets in the Middle East, Africa, Far East and CIS. Through our global strategic partnerships, we have managed to acquire one of the strongest generic pipelines.

Today DELORBIS, through combination of marketing and sales efforts created strategies to ensure constant growth. We work together with our partners to identify product opportunities. At DELORBIS, we strongly believe in keeping the customers satisfied and providing them with pharmaceutical products at affordable price.

DELORBIS premises are located in Ergates Industrial Area, Lefkosia, Cyprus.  The manufacturing site consists of two units and one dedicated cytotoxic unit. Production, Packaging, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Development, Warehouse departments are in place in our modern facilities and are staffed with high caliber scientific personnel. DELORBIS uses state of the art equipment and technology and operates within full compliance with European-Good Manufacturing Practice (EU-GMP) Rules and Regulations. In this high quality standard environment, our company provides among others, Quality Control (QC) services and Contract-Manufacturing to world-leading pharmaceutical companies. 



Message from Directors

“In every place of the world, people should have access to medical treatment.

Here at DELORBIS, our core value is to make high quality medicines available to all patients.

We pride ourselves for manufacturing and commercializing our branded generic pharmaceutical products; as well as on our commitment to provide medicines without compromising quality at affordable prices for millions of people all over the world.

Patients are the heart of our existence and meeting our customers’ needs is the cornerstone of our success.”



       Mr. Vakis Frangos                                                                       Dr. Panayiotis Miltiadou

  Joint Managing Director                                                                  Joint Managing Director

(Commercial Operations)                                                                    (Technical Operations)



About Us

Our Vision

We provide high quality medicine for

millions of people all over the world.

                                          We passionately achieve this by: 

                                          Having our customers' needs at heart

                                          Offering uncopromised quality at affordable prices

                                          Always delivering on our promises

                                          Constantly improving ourselves


                                          By doing so, we:

                                          Reach millions of patients

                                          Excel in customer satisfaction

                                          Are recognized as the best place to work