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Our team at Delorbis consists of the most valuable players who work daily together for the achievement of our vision. As a team, we achieve miracles for the patient, the healthcare professional, the customer. As a team, we manufacture, analyse, pack, sell and deliver the product under the highest standards. Because at Delorbis we care.

Find the best job for you at Delorbis Pharmaceuticals We are looking for qualified specialists, who will work with passion, energy, creativity and share their expertise among the team. If you want to be part of our team, please send us your CV at [email protected].

Delorbis processes personal data, including, but not limited to, name, gender, address, language, applicant education, job history, and other relevant information collected from the curriculum vitae (CV) or other document provided by the applicant for the purposes of examining the application for recruitment. The personal data are only being processed for the purposes explained herein and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Only authorised persons, by Delorbis, are permitted to have access to these data. We may collect and process special categories of personal data only after the application for employment has been accepted within the employment context, or with the explicit consent of the applicants where necessary and/or in accordance with the relevant laws and policies of Delorbis. The personal data of applicants whose application was not successful will be retained by Delorbis for only 12 months from the date of their application, in order to examine these specific applicants when assessing future job opportunities for which they may be suitable. 

GDPR: In case of any enquiry related to personal data protection matters please contact us at [email protected]

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In case you would like to report an adverse reaction, please contact our Pharmacovigilance Department
at: Mob: +357 97 77 35 71, E: [email protected]

GDPR: In case of any enquiry related to personal data protection matters please contact us at
[email protected]

Whistleblower Platform: In case you would like to report non-compliance with laws and regulations, submit a report here